Racquet Corner Omaha

established in 2003

Joe started stringing racquets at the Lincoln Racquet Corner in 1992 - he had his own racquet strung there and found himself drawn to the people who worked there and the way they did business. The focus was on the customer and the customer's experience - at the shop and on the court. He asked for a job one day because he wanted the opportunity to change people's lives the way his had changed.

Marni still remembers the day she met Joe at the shop in Lincoln. Friends told her that it was the ONLY place to go for buying a new tennis racquet, and they were right. As a beginner in 1999, she found all the equipment she needed to play tennis, some tips and tricks about the game, and a lot of life wisdom too.

Our goal when we opened the Racquet Corner in Omaha was to bring that cozy, personalized shopping experience to the Omaha community. In 2003, we finally had the opportunity.

If you've never met us before, one thing you should know is that we are passionate about what we do. We've built this business to be a reflection of what we have learned from our mentors and friends, what traveling has taught us, and what we would want in a store if we were shopping for something for ourselves.

We take this business very seriously. We want you to have a great experience with our team, and find the equipment you need to play the sports you love.

Joe and Marni